I don’t have a clue about anatomy, help!

Firstly, don’t panic! One of the very best things about Barre Body’s training programs is that we make learning anatomy accessible and even – wait for it – fun. Promise! We don’t expect you to have an exercise science degree. A diploma is fine. Just kidding!

Are there any prerequisites?

Our courses are open to everyone! Our course materials cater to everyone from absolute beginners to those with existing fitness qualifications. As part of your course preparation, we do suggest you complete a minimum of 10 hours of class participation, which can be done by participating in classes at Barre Body, Barre Body Online or other specialised studios.

How long will this course take me?

The Barre Body Online Teacher Training course is completely self-paced, so you can take it at whatever speed works best for you.

What happens after the course?

The extra special thing about Barre Body’s training courses is that we don’t just release you into the wild at the end of the course and hope for the best. We’re not the pash and dash types! Instead, you’ll have plenty of ongoing support and mentoring from our team, in the form of our Facebook community. Taking the leap from training to teaching can be a little daunting, so we’re right there with you even after your training has wrapped up.

What does the assessment involve?

Think the final scene in Flashdance. A high cut leotard, a stern panel, big hair... Don’t worry – it’s nothing of the sort. You will simply need to film a segment of yourself teaching, which will be assessed by our team of teacher trainers. Rest assured that it’s not at all scary and the course is designed to totally prepare you to pass with flying colours. Simply, it is an opportunity for you to get some feedback from our superstar training team on how you’re doing, all done with plenty of love and encouragement. You’ll also be doing quizzes along the way so you’re completely up to speed with your content. And no, there is no failing in this course. If you need to, you’ll simply have the opportunity to complete a certain module again.

What kind of job can I expect to get with this qualification?

Apart from astrophysicist or Harry Styles’ personal hairbrusher? Most of our graduates go on to teach at various barre studios. You can opt to freelance, or you might like to take on a corporate contract. You may teach barre classes in a gym, or you could start your own business or studio.